Aims & Objectives – Association of Paediatric Surgeons of Nigeria
  1. To organize all Paediatric Surgeons resident in Nigeria into the Association.
  2. To foster unity and promote understanding among all practicing Paediatric Surgeons all over the Federation of Nigeria.
  3. To promote the quality of teaching and research in Paediatric Surgery and encourage excellence in the practice of members.
  4. To provide an active forum for the dissemination of information and knowledge of advances and progress in Paediatric Surgery worldwide through organization of scientific conferences, seminars and courses.
  5. To actively monitor, consider and express its views on all proposed legislations affecting Child Health, the Medical and Dental profession and Medical and Dental education as it pertains to Child Health and to particularly lobby to ensure that appropriate and adequate recognition is accorded Child Health in General and Paediatric Surgery in particular.
  6. To cultivate and maintain affiliations with related medical/surgical bodies within and outside Nigeria.
  7. To acknowledge the aims and objectives of the Nigerian Medical Association and be actively involved in its legitimate activities.
  8. To strive to establish an informative and learned journal for the Association.